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"I begin with an idea, and then

it becomes something else."

Pablo Picasso

Our idea

Dementality was launched in 2019 with the idea of "getting the ball rolling and making a difference", and embodies a composite of the words "dementia" and "mentality". Fundamentally, it means the thought and behavioural pattern of a transformed personality.


In the long run, Dementality aims to continuously support dementia affected persons

and their environment and to enable them with a touch of joy and

zest for life in this modern world - even if in the end it only is for a brief moment.


The first step towards such an initiative is the organisation of a Tavolata

in collaboration with various contributors and partners.


"An idea has to become reality before it gets blown away."

inspired by Berthold Auerbach

Our mission

As founders of 'Dementality', we are personally and daily in touch with dementia.

That is why we have made a visionary decision for us, other affected ones and their relatives:

To draw attention to this disease every year, to talk about it and to support affected people in the long term. Through numerous supports, Dementality is intended to create a multi-faceted and

the novel methodology that allows happy moments for affected people.

Knowing that this joy is forgotten, but where the environment will remember for a long time.

To make this vision a reality, we conduct at least one charity event a year.

"A mission of encounter and memory."

Su Chong and Youn-Chong Bak - Founders of Dementality

Our identity

The look and feel of Dementality are out-of-the-box and completely atypical like art is.

Dementia is not curable! However, through personal experience,

we have found out that there are ways to slow down the progression of the disease.

The clear target of Dementality is to contribute to this cause in a continuous and positive way;

always by adding different forms of therapies and treatments in our charity events.


Creativity is the attribute of a person to be inventively, creatively or artistically active.

By enjoying and living out this feature in the form of music and sound, colours and shapes, poetry and language, dance and movement, performance and design, each individual can bring the body,

mind and soul back into balance, and can reach oneself and others in an emotional,

deep and original way.


This also applies to people with dementia.

"We are, what we do."

Su Chong and Youn-Chong Bak - Founders of Dementality